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"To meet her,  to see her perform,  to hear her music,  to hear her voice.. you sense something…  there is a familiarity, there’s  that kind of thing...  is that electric pulling… that you feel when amongst family...” 

-  Michael Stipe , R.E.M.


The voice projects the tendencies of the heart. It gives sonic shape to those internal emotions and casts them out as ripples in the universe. Slipping into a state of euphoria behind the microphone, Venezuelan-born and U.S.-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, and artist Ane Díaz summons a flurry of emotions to the forefront of her music. Celebrated by everyone from R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, to NPR, her intense vocalizations arise from a crossroads of traditional Venezuelan folk and alternative angst as she amplifies timeless parables and cries for freedom of her beloved home country. Her newest  project "DESPECHADA" is a co-production with Jim White & Paul Fonfara  to be released in 2023.

It was 2018 when she reimagined and reinvigorated three Venezuelan folk staples on her Venezuela EP produced by Rain Phoenix. NPR's Marisa Arbona-RuiZ named “Allá Vine Un Corazón” among “Songs We Love” and wrote, “Díaz's graceful angst and yearning inhabit the song, as her voice brings out a richness and emotional depth hidden within its more traditional versions.” 

Ane was born in Caracas to a musical family. After moving to the United States and by chance, Diaz started her American musical experience touring alongside Aleka’s Attic—fronted by the late River Phoenix and also featuring Rain Phoenix. She also shared the stage with Rain in The Causey Way, (Alternative Tentacles) as a bass player.

In 2001, Ane launched Producto. This independent stalwart crafted songs in English and Spanish, built a catalog of three full-length albums. Along the way, she either recorded, toured or performed with  REM, Jonathan Richman of the Modern Lovers, Ken Stringfellow of The Posies, Creston Spiers of Harvey Milk, Josh McKay of Deerhunter, Andy Baker, Bill Rieflin to count a few... "it has been an unforgettable musical experience since I got to this country. It is my turn to return the favor with these songs "

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